Slideshow of Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo

© 2006, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Kiwichapina

    Thank you, thank you for making me feel as if I was back at home!!

  • De nada Kiwi Chapina. La donaciones son siempre bien recibidas y ayudan a sufragar los costos de mantener este sitio para personas como usted.

  • estuardo

    hola me gusta que se vez bien la comida chapina

  • Enchanting site!

  • Lindsey

    You’re slideshow made me miss Guate

  • Inglid

    These pictures are amazing. I was born in the states, but you certainly made me miss “home.” It’s a shame that the government doesn’t do a lot more to promote tourism. Guatemala is a beautiful country from head to toe!
    On a side note, if you’re going to show pictures of delicious food, PLEASE let us know where we can get the recepies. It’s so hard to find a good Guatemalan restaurant out here.

  • Roberto Rodriguez El Chucho

    Beautiful fotos!
    I was in Antigua this past February 2008 and I brought back about 1,500 pictures. Antigua is just the kind of place where everytime you press the botton on your camera the picture will be a grat picture and with the touch of experience you can really see the beauty hiding behind the beuty of Antigua Guatemala.
    I lived in guatemala in 1974-5 and the memories of Antigua in my mind are like a tatoo.
    If in Antigua you want to stay at a nice humble place visit my good friend Luis at ”Posada San Sebastian” just one and a half blocks from the Central Park, i recomend his place, it is not expensive and it is full of Antigua characteristics where you can enjoy your stay.
    Just mention that Roberto Rodriguez (El Chucho) sent you there and you will receive a ”special smile’ and a great time at his place.
    Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful place with a lot of tradition and peculiarity.
    God bless Antigua Guatemala!!
    Roberto Rodriguez (El Chucho)

  • Abbie STuart

    how can I contact Posada San Sebastian. Thank you

    • Roberto Rodriguez

      If you google “Posada San Sebastian Antigua Guatemala”, it will give you more than the info you need to get there, remember to ask for Luis Or his wife, they are the owners and just mention Roberto Rodriguez El Chucho and they will be happy to take care of you the best way they can. Best wishes!

      Roberto R.

  • Roberto Rodriguez

    I was in Antigua Guatemala again this February 2010, if you want to spend one or two hours contemplating the beauty of a convent from the 1600’s, visit Santo Domingo, the place is amazing. If you get a bit hungry visit La Cuevita de los Urquizu. The food is there in front of you and you pick what you want, you will never forget the place. If planning a beautiful place, a new place to spend the night you and your wife or future wife, this is the place, In Cortijo de Las Flores, ask the security guys (nice guys) about Villaflor Hotel, it is a wonderful place built less than a year ago, it is just the kind of place to enjoy tranquility, peace and good life. Enjoy!