Antigua’s horse carriages

Horse carriage in Antigua

There are still some horse carriages in Antigua, mostly used by tourists and by couples who want to have a romantic ride. Some people disapprove of the animal labor and exploitation, but here in Guatemala that is far too low in the political agendas.

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  • hey, I’d love to ride one of those!

  • That carriage look really good…though the horse does not 🙁

  • Santy, the experience takes you back to the time Antigua was in fact a modern city.

    Anne, the horses are well-fed and wash regularly. Yet, there is still concern for the exploitation.

  • Liz Rice

    Everytime I go to Antigua I am overwhelmed by the condition of the animals there. The Horses in Antigua are used to support families though the Guatemalan people seem to have little concern for their care. Horses limp while carrying loads of happy travelers who don’t see the horse slipping off of cobble stones. I watched a man whip his horse after it slipped. I’ve walked those roads and they are very hard on my ankles, legs and hips and I only weigh 115 lbs. These people will continue this abuse as long as the foreigners continue to use them.