Fruits and jelly stand

Fruits and jelly stand

Here is another fruit stand in Antigua’s market. Most vegetable and fruits stands are owned by Guatemala’s indigenous people. The mayority of Guatemalan markets do not pay taxes to government and they do not extend sales receipts. Vendors do, however, pay for the right to sell in the market.

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  • Like your blog a lot. Really nicely done, both photos (and subjects) and commentary. Like visiting Antigua from a distance.

  • what a colorful sea, what is that white on grapes?

  • No. 78

    Any photo with food catches my interest. Great shot!

  • Wow thos are hug grapes!

  • Yum! this is a great photo, the fruit looks delicious

  • those are grapes? looks juicy 🙂
    wonderful document !

  • Everyone, thanks for your comments.

    Nuno, I believe the white on the grapes is just the flash reflecting.

  • unas buenas fotografias

  • Claudia

    que bonitos colores – but so sad – this young lady ought to be in school instead of working. . . such a travesty to see little ones working . .

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