Best coffee in the world

Best coffee in the world, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

We produce the best coffee in the world: coffee from Antigua. I said it on my May 1st post and again on May 26th, but I am not the only one saying it. Here you see a sign at the entrance of a Cafe near my office.

The pound here cost Q45 (quetzal is the local coin), which is about US$6. The minimum wage salary for the day is Q40 which means about 60% of Guatemalans can NOT have this coffee.

What a paradox, they produce, but they can not have it.

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  • sompopo

    Guatemala coffee is some of the best coffee I have ever had. My wifes sister just brought some back from their moms coffee farm in the small town of Michicoy (Huehuetenago) a couple of days ago. Good stuff. 🙂

  • it’s a pity..

  • For me one black coffee

    See you soon

  • I don’t drink coffee so I have never tried Guatemalan coffee but I think it’s a shame that the people who produce it can’t afford it.

  • Sompopo, The coffee from Huehuetenago is the best coffee produced in Guatemala.

    Kris and Carol, yes indeed, it is pity that the people who grow it can not afford it. Some people have their own little parcel of land (huerta in Spanish) and they grow coffee. Whatever they do not sell, they consume themselves.

  • Steve Josephs

    I´m looking for photos of the coffee plantations and processing from both Antigua and Atitlan regions. Do you have any?

    I´m leaving this afternoon for Antigua and Atitlan from Costa Rica. Will be in the area for 5 days. Cell #1.303.618.8891.



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  • Margarita Asensio

    Mr. Giron: Thank you for the free publicity.

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  • José Luis

    Ayayay, frijolitos volteados, huevos revueltos,platanitos fritos con crema, tortillitas recien salidas del comal y una taza decafé calientito, sorry guys, only in Guatemala.

  • maggied

    These days the mail situation in USA is not much better. Slower, more expensive. I have lived in the same house for 15 years but often my mail is “Returned to sender. Moved, left no forwarding address.” When I get home in early Oct., I will send a card. Between our postal system and yours, you may get it in 10 years or so???

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  • zoe

    Hola Rudi,

    Hey, I know this place – I used to have coffee there every day in my days in Antigua (back in 2000) and talk with the educated and highly politically aware owner. Thanks for this photo! Do you have the name or address of this place? I cherish this place very much because it was indeed the best coffee I’ve ever had and will ever have, probably..

    Thanks a million,

    Z. (Jerusalem Israel / Berkeley California)

  • Just stopped by, nice blog!

  • Glenn

    Hi Rudy
    Thanks so much for all the great pics. I’m giving some of them to family and friends as Christmas presents. Ordering was easy, and the prints came so quickly. I wish I could visit Guatemala again this coming spring but I think it’ll be a while, sadly. It’s nice to have the images hanging on my wall…

    • @Glenn, thanks so much for your support and for giving photos as presents this holiday season. I am glad to know the high quality prints arrived on time. If you are planning a visit for Semana Santa, you better make your reservations now. 😉

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  • Jorge Arellano

    Que riiiiiiiiiiico, ya me dio hambre, un desayuno en Antigua observando el impresionante paisaje, respirando el aire puro y devorando esas tortillas frijolitos con crema y quesito, hmmm I love my Guatemala.