San José el Viejo ruins in Antigua

San José el Viejo ruins in Antigua
There are many ruins in Antigua, most of them, are churches, convents and monasteries. San José el Viejo ruins is pictured here. This photo was taken half a block from the previous entry and about two minutes later.

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  • How very beautiful! Rudy, I love your blog!

  • do you know the name of the trees growing beside the church?

  • Your last two pictures are absolutely nice. I like a lot the colors emerging from both. Really cool.

  • Marie McC, I thank you for your kind comments.

    Patsy, If I am not mistaken, the trees you are referring to are know here as Palo de Izote, which is relative of the Yucca tree or Joshua tree. This tree can be found even in California. It gives a flower which is eaten as delicacy here.

    Karine, if you like the colors in the last pictures, you might enjoy the May 21st and 26th photos.

  • Anonymous

    Rudy, this is not Santa Clara, it is San Jose el Viejo. Thanks for your posts, they are lovely photos and capture Antigua wonderfully. We are arriving next Sunday.

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  • Wendy

    Rudy, I love your Antigua daily photos, i was born in Guatemala but left when i was 5yrs old. Your site allows me capture the beauty I was unfortunately not able to witness myself.

    Thank you!

  • debi

    I am looking for a photo of a place we visited outside of Antigua. It was beautiful. It is a convent run by local Guatemalan nuns. I was focused on my son so I don’t remember all the details but if I remember the guide correctly…when the Cathedral was originally built outside the convent surrounding the courtyard on each corner there are shelters erected for the mayan to worship since they refused to go inside the Cathedral for many years. It sits up on a hill overlooking a valley where there were corn fields and other vegetation. In the inner courts there is a beautiful garden with a bird that has been there for something like 30 years.

    The nun prayed for my son in a small chapel there and it would mean so much if I could have a picture of it.

    Thank you in advance for any information you might have.

    • Helmut Lemke

      Hi Debbi
      I visited a convent near Antigua in 1999 and we talked to the friendly nuns. the convent had an inner court and arcades. I have a few pictures of it and could try to send them to you if it is the same convent you visited and if you still want them.

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