Welcome to La Antigua Guatemala

Welcome to Antigua

Antigua Guatemala has four entrances to the city. If we think of them as doors, this would be the main door: the road that comes from Guatemala City. La Antigua Guatemala is located at only 45 kilometres from Guatemala City; you can travel it in about an hour driving safely. If you consider that, in some cases, you can travel for two hours and still be inside Guatemala City, 60 minutes is a short time that separates two completely different cities. Guatemala City is the largest and most chaotic city of Central America. Meanwhile, Antigua is a tiny colonial town with cobblestone streets. Guatemala City is a modern city with skyscrapers, tree-lined boulevards and streets, with a huge metropolitan area, and the most horrible public transportation system in the world. On the other hand, Antigua building code does not allow for two-storey buildings, there are some, but new buildings can not be built; there is no public transportation system, unless you count the and taxis; most of the streets are one-lane ways. So, there is a huge distance that separates Antigua from Guatamala City, and it is not measured in kilometres.

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  • Thank you for the photo and the information about Antigua versus Guatemala City. I am enjoying learning about your country.

  • what a lovely picture, i love the mountains in the back ground. I know people that were from Guatemala City and they have told me about life there, the way I understand the city has never recovered from the big earth quake they had and there are so many people. also the civil war was part of the problem in the city. I hope you will post more pictures like this .Thanks.

  • Chantal

    oh, how beautiful to see my normal walk into town/work again, mmmmm!

    though it looks like the red house has lost a lot of its flowers out front since i left!

    thanks for this photo! :o)

  • thank for the photo on flicker . patsy

  • so i did research and joshua tree is similar to the yucca plant that grows here. thanks for the photo again.

  • I posted a picture of our Yucca plant as it grows here. you will see it is a far cry from what your country grows.

  • thanks for the facts ..really beautiful place 🙂

  • Hello,
    I have surfed on the net I have found your blog. It’s amazing.

  • flower

    thanks for the facts ..really beautiful place ,I posted a picture of our Yucca plant as it grows here. you will see it is a far cry from what your country grows.

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