Rush hour in Antigua

Rush hour in Antigua

On the weekends the traffic in Antigua quadruples. Here, it might not seem like much. But, if you consider that Antigua is only a 10 by 10 block city and the every street is filled with traffic like the one in the picture, it might begin to feel like the Santa Monica Freeway (10) in Los Angeles; well, not quite like it, sorry Luggi.

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  • wonderful perspective, still the air seems fresh ..Lovely!

  • I read up on your poison plant that your people use for fence rows. “Chichicate”, The computer said it was a Nettle plant so I know something about thoese, we had nettle growing on our farm when I was young. They only get about 4 inches tall so if you had high top shoes you were fine but we went bare foot and when I got into the nettles I had big whelps on my feet , they stung worse than wasps stings so if your plant is larger and my information was that it was a vine I could see why no one would cross the fence.The picture of the city is nice and I am glad to get another view of your world.why so many cars on week end, tourist or just people passing thro?

  • Kris, indeed the air still very clean.

    Patsy, the plant is “chichicaste” and it belongs to the Loasaceae family. I have posted two Chichicaste photos: one a closeup and another of a fence.

  • I like the fading light and the mist (or are they clouds) rolling in over the mountains, and the one or two bright touches of the lamps. It makes me feel that all the people are hurrying home to be inside their houses with the lights on.

  • What a beautiful, beautiful photo! I echo the sentiments of Passante. Rudy, you are a very talented photographer.

  • Glennis

    The police patrol car is there to keep the rush hour traffic moving. Nice photo.