Antigua’s color palette: sky blue

Mico sign

Yesterday I started the photo series about Antigua’s color palette. In this photo you get two of my objectives: 1. the color which is sky blue or celeste in Spanish and 2. the mico sign for a traditional wooden toy store. Does anybody know what a mico is?

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  • Charles F Turbiville II

    Mico is little monkey

    Keep up the great work

  • Since there is a picture of a monkey, I’m going to say monkey.

    I’m enjoying your color palette pics.

  • Cool color palettes. I love love love the little monkey face!

  • Pamela

    Yeah, I’m going to say mischevious little monkey. The closest English word I came up with was “brat”. My 12 year old cat is called Mico, for this very reason! 🙂

  • monkey