Antigua’s color palette: red

Antigua’s red, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

The restaurant La Fonda de la Calle Real is another of Antigua’s landmarks. You can find it at three locations all around Calle del Arco, which is Antigua’s most famous street. The one in the picture is in front of the main location, which is just right across the street.

How is the food? La Fonda is well-known for its expensive traditional Guatemalan cuisine. At this restaurant ate Mr. Bill Clinton when he was still a president and her Royal Highness Infanta Doña Cristina. How much are we talking about? Well, a lunch for two should be around US$25-35, which is not too much for tourists, but it bit expensive for Guatemala. Should you eat there if you come to Antigua? Sure, most definitely.

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  • Charles F Turbiville II

    A decent steak, but the breakfast there is fantastic…

    I love it Rudy, keep it up! Can you get a shot of Monoloco, I don’t know what the color would be…White, maybe?

  • Mr. Bill Clinton likes good food as do most people in Arkansas

  • The colors are awesome on your photos of buildings. I’ve enjoyed looking at all of them. Thanks for posting!

  • Looks like a charming place. I like how you caught the woman at the doorway.