Exotic flowers for exotic Lu!

Exotic flowers for exotic Lu!, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

The slogan of this blog says that Antigua has flower farms, but I have not yet published a flower photo. Well, believe it when I say there are flowers farms around town. Soon I will go to one of them to give further proof; in the mean time, I leave this shot of a truck and its exotic load. This one is for Lu! and to all that might benefit with the sight of flowers on the “boot up” day of the week.

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  • Pamela

    I can see regular strelitzias (if they can ever be called regular) and I have seen the huge black ones that we have here, but are those red strelitzias too that I can see standing behind the truck? If so, that is EXOTIC. Something I have not seen before and would love to see close up.

  • Lu!

    Exoticas y lindas, olores y colores, amores y dolores… todo esto en las FLORES! Por ciernto la ultima palabra es uno de mis apellidos he alli porque me gustan más!

    Gracias Rudy, encantada con ellas!

  • Lu!, me da gusto que te haya gustado la polaroid de las flores.

    Pamela, You can click on the image for an enlargement, if you need a larger image, let me know you email address and I will ship to you.

  • i see bird of pardise in the truck, is the red flowers cati? they look they are. I of love flowers can not wait till you go to the flower farm!

  • Wonderful photo. All colors, including the truck are clear and quite remarkable.

  • Pamela

    Gracias Rudi. No, no es que necesito ver un imagen mas grande, es que yo necesito aprender mas sobre las flores! 🙂

  • bob

    Lovely colours

  • I didn’t know that an old truck could look so good! the flowers and the photo are fab.

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  • Anonymous

    I love the exotic flowers does anyone know what they are?

    • There are several different flowers there, which ones do you want to know the name?