Antigua’s market vendor

Antigua’s market vendor, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Supermarket is the theme for today in 25 daily city blogs. Antigua does not have a supermarket per se, although there is a big convenience store called La Bodegona. We do have a large market, very big indeed, so I decided to post a snapshot of the typical market stand. I have already posted two previous photos of the market on June 5th and May 12th.

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  • wonderful! I love vendors like these. You can’t bargain in a supermarket, can you? And you meet such lovely people at these stores 😉

    Oh, I really like you flowers pick-up truck shot.

    See you at Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo sometime. Thanks for popping in.

  • I like the variety of the items this store sells.
    I enjoy coming to the exotic Antigua Daily Photo.

  • the market place there looks like the spanish market stores we have here in town. i have went in them and looked around. the prices are very high. i suppose the spanish people go to these places to feel confortable and i have wondered if they sell on credit, to be paid at a later date. most of the things they sell can be bought at wal-mart.

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