Antigua’s street from Cafe Sky

Here is another shot from Cafe Sky roof-top bar. Between this view and yesterday’s you can see Fire and Acatenango volcanoes. Fire volcano is active but far away from Antigua (about 20~30 Kms.), yet you can still see it clearly because these volcanoes are huge. Water volcano which was in the background on yesterday’s photo is only 3 or 4 Kms. from Antigua. I would worry if Water volcano were to become active.

Happy holidays to people behind the Daily Photo cities in the U.S., whom, today, celebrate their Independance Day. Let’s hope we can see some great fireworks shot tomorrow.

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  • It looks like a very long road, very nice picture.

  • Do the German guys still own the bar and the Travel Agency below it?

  • This is so picturesque. I will hope that neither volcano erupts.

  • Great picture it is amazing what you can see if you look close, 2 people have laundry on the line, someone has a yellow pick up truck in side the court yard , so many small details for me to study . thanks.

  • Is the white little tower on the left side a mosque?

  • both views are great…i would like to be there and relax over a coffee or beer…great shots

  • Jazzy, it is not a road, but a street and its not very long; it is about six blocks.

    Charles, you know more people here than I do; you are from the mara.

    Annie, we too hope that Water volcanoe remains dormant for a very long time.

    Patsy, Antigüeño houses are very plain on the outside but they more than make it up on the inside.

    Tanty, it is not a mosque, it more like a dome.

    Lisi, come on over I treat you the coffee or beer, your choice. Cheers.