Antigua’s street sweeper

School bus and street sweeper, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Street sweeping is still done manually in Antigua. You can see the street sweeper carrying his trash can and a broom which is made with dried branches of a bush.

I will make sure to take a snapshot of the broom itself next time.

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  • another great shot of a day in the life of antigua. please do take a shot of the broom. I have no doubt it’ll be stunning (all your shots are!)

  • Kim

    He seems to do a fine job! The curb, gutter and street look pristine. I would sure hate to try to sweep a cobbled street! Also, thank you for your food series, Rudy. I learned a lot about Guatemalan cooking, and I’m REALLY hungry to try some of it for myself! Just beautiful photography.
    Seattle Daily Photo has an updated link:

  • Really cool and interesting shot!

  • the photo of the house i could not post on it but wanted to sat above the window is some thing that looks like a SNAKE!