Nobody walks in LA… everybody walks in Antigua

Antigua city strolls

“Nobody walks in LA…” goes the song. In Antigua is the opposite. People enjoy walking and with such small grid (about 10×10 block), you can certainly do just about all your chores faster by walking than by driving. Besides many blocks are one-way only which means you have to drive four to six blocks to park your car half-a-block away. Besides the utilitarian walks, people tend to take strolls and to see people and talk to friends and acquaintances on the streets.

Side note: You will not believe that behind the yellow wall is a mansion. Well, Antigüeño architecture is very deceiving. They like their houses to be very simple and plain on the outside, but as soon as you enter through the driveway (Zaguán in Spanish), you are not in Kansas anymore.

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