Strolls in Antigua

Strolls in Antigua

Not to long ago, on July 18th, I told you about the joys of walking in Antigua. I bring to you a similar shot. I hope you like this photo as much as I like it.

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  • I think strolling is a pleasant way to find photo opportunities for your DP blog … The color of the building and sky are very good. The subject of a family out for a stroll is powerful.

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  • A beautiful shot Rudy! Well done! I usually go out and walk around too to find subjects for my photos…and I love doing it each and every time. 🙂

  • What a beautiful and colorful blog! I love Latin America, I want to visit someday.

    Your photos are stunning, the one with the arcs reflecting on the water was magnificent.

    Keep up the good job.


  • hello rudy, i apologize for the earlier deleted message. I was in the forum and read it was your 100th post but I didn’t notice the date till a couple minutes later… I keep forgetting we have a forum and weeks go by between each visit.

    ok. have I told you how much i admire your pictures? the stunning colour, balance and detail you always manage to capture what seems effortlessly. This is one prime example. The sky, the red building, the people walking past… stunning!

  • Denton, I can not put my finger on why I like this photo so much. Maybe it is the little girl turning back.

    Anne, Antigua is a great place for strolls.

    Ovelikios, I love the photos at your place. I have always felt attracted to the Greek Islands.

    Edwin, Likewise, I admired your photos.