Knocking on heaven’s door

Door knocker, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

I am prettry sure this is not what Bob Dylan had in mind when he wrote his now famous song. Marie has a fascination for the doorways around the world, I can tell you I get my kicks for the door knockers on Antigua’s doors. Okay, next week I will do Antigua doors series and a little history and inside information about the doors. I hope you don’t think is boring. I will start collecting door knockers for future series.

My apologies for posting so late today. Difficult day, we all have them.

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  • It’s quite similar to Chinese door knockers, isn’t it. ^^

    like this web site have shown ( )

    But the lions on it just look different, I though it’s because there were no lions in China in the ancient periods.

    P.S. I love your side, and the photos on it.^^

  • oh, I mean I love your site ~~~~ sorry^^

  • I like the detail on this. I would like a door knocker like this- would be a talking point for visitors.

  • Anonymous

    Rudy, This is great, really shows the local flavor. These items are totally missing today in the U. S. Keep up the great work we really appreciate your efforts and sharing your interests.

    PS: The coffee is wonderful 🙂

  • Pamela

    Streets of Tenerife’s old towns in are full of these charming little details, but I suppose I hardly need point out these similarities any more Rudy? 🙂

    Just to say that you have another fascinated customer here looking forward to seeing more of these little Antiguan gems.

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