Izote tree with branches

Izote tree with branches, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Patsy found this tree very interesting. It is called Palo de Izote and it is related to the Joshua Tree. I have posted several photos where the tree shows up; click on the following links to see the photos (f1, f2, f3).

Tags: Antigua Daily Photo / Guatemala / Antigua / Palo de Izote

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  • I want one in my back garden!

  • Pamela

    LOL! We have those here too. So that’s what they’re called! I’ll admit it, I’m “botanically challenged”. 🙂

  • Is the sky always so stunning in Antigua? This is a beautiful nature shot Rudy!

  • I used to live in Palmdale, California and there were Joshua Trees nearby. Beautiful shot!

  • Edwin is correct in his observation. The sky is beautiful and is a great backdrop for the unusual tree! Nice, Rudy!