Contemplating the heavy rain

Contemplating the heavy rain

On July 2nd, I told you that because all the positive feedback and comments I had received so far, I had decided to purchase a Canon Powershot A620 so I could take better photos or at least take the photos that way I choose. Well, I have to admit that I have taken most photos in assistive mode, but with this camera I have the option to take full control over the process; like I did on this photo. Rain is very difficult to capture and you have to use a very slow shutter to be able to show it. This day, the rain was very heavy, yet I had to use a 1/50 to 1/30 shutter speed to make it show on the photo. There is one more photo which shows the rain as silk.

Don’t forget that tomorrow I will start the Antigua’s Door Series. For other doors around the planet, please, visit Doorways Around the World.

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  • sompopo

    You will have fun with that camera because of all the features it has. I just bought a Canon Powershot A540 about a month ago and can hardly put it down. The Micro feature is great for insects and flowers etc.
    Great Picture.

  • Rudy, que fotona compadre!
    great shot.

  • Sompopo: You are so right. I am already enjoying and taking advantage of all the extra features Canon Powershot A620 has.

    Ale: Me da mucho gusto que le guste la foto y me alegra más verlo por estos rumbos. No sabía que visitaba este humilde blog.

  • I love this. It’s such an insightful image.

  • I’m new to Daily Photo and I’m enjoying visiting all of the other sites. I particularly like your rain picture here, it’s far more interesting when you can control some of the exposure elements, slower shutter speeds really can show movement.

  • Monica

    Wow, love this one. You were smart getting yourself a new camara. You have so much talent in capturing the essence of a moment. congratulations!

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  • Mariajose

    Wow, this picture is amazing!!! it captures the heart of the rain in Guate, I live in Seattle, and even dough it rains alot,, it never ever rains as hard as it does over there, you did an amazing job capturing the whole “picture”, absolutely stunning, Thank you !!! I just went back in time when I used to go out walking in the rain,,

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