The height scale on Calle del Arco

The height scale on Calle del Arco

Here is another humorous shot taken at Calle del Arco. I wish all of you an easy and slow start on this coming week.

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  • haha, great caption, really funny! Makes me smile!

  • Sally

    Oh COME on! You made them line up in this order, didn’t you!!!! Great photo, loved the humour of it.

  • Lisi: I am happy to know you started your week with a smile.

    Sally: I do not know them. It just happens to come into my camera viewfinder and I was click to shoot. I got three shots.

  • What are they waiting in line for? I missed that… By the guy yawning it looks like a long wait!

  • Eric: They were waiting for the Marimba music and the dance of the giants to begin again. Musician and dancer were in a short break.

  • Excellent… Very funny!