Watching the pedestrians on Calle del Arco

watching the pedestrians

Balconies are not very common in Antigua, yet there are some like this one on Calle del Arco. I think it is a great location to watch the pedestrians stroll on Calle del Arco, or the giants dance to listen to live music. In my case, it is an opportunity to photograph a great yellow wall against a blue sky.

Sidenote: Without knowing I have done another series that begun on Saturday. This series is about things that happen a little strip of Antigua known as Calle del Arco. There two more photo and then onto something else.

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  • Beautiful photo once again Rudy! Yes that blue sky looks breathtaking! I’m missing our share of blue skies these days as it’s been raining quite frequently. Hope to see the sun again soon!

  • great picture! makes me want to have my room painted in that color, hehe.

  • Very nice. I think that the two lights and the grill work against the yellow is very eye-catching.

  • Nice and vibrant colours…

  • Oh how the yello fills in for the sun in this shot. The little girl should be careful though!

  • very nice shot. love the yellow of the building.

  • Rajesh, Eric and Adreea: The only thing I can give you in a regalar basis is rich vibrant colors. Enjoy and come back often because I have more rich colors on queue.

  • Chica Flor

    What a beautiful colors of the sky, only in Guate.

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