Come and see the show

Guatemalan choppers

It is quite a show to look at the motorcycle clubs arrive in Antigua. Many people gather around them to see their bikes and their motorcycle suits and helmets. Children and adults alike can not resist to approach the riders and their bikes to ask questions or just to admire the artworks. I am sure Chris will feel right at home here.

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  • Meg

    I love the skirts the little girl and the woman are wearing.

  • aaah, Meg said it first. My eyes were fixed on the skirt as well when I first looked at this picture. Guess I’m not a motorcycle fan 🙂

  • Cool photo. Ciao from my part of the world.

  • Yes, I just love these contrasts between the traditional and the modern worlds.

  • Great bunch of photos, Rudi.

  • kaa

    didn’t realise the bike was the focus of the picture cos the little girl with her pretty outfit caught my eye first. i like admiring her more than the bike.. not a bike fan..

  • Meg, Santy, Kaa: I think the focus was not the motorcycle itself, but the commotion and admiration they produce. Also, I wanted it to show that many different people gather around the motorbikes. If you like the traje indígena (the indigenous dress), come back on Monday 21st to see more.

    Jazzy: Thanks for visiting. Saludos this side of the world.

    Pamela: See modern and old clash often in Antigua and in Tenerife.

    Luggi: I am glad to see you back here again. L.A. is always on my mind.

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