Guatemalan t-shirts as souvenirs

Guatemalan t-shirts

One the souvenirs that backpackers take from Guatemala is certainly a t-shirt and for some strange reason the Gallo beer logotype and brand name is among the favorites. Other motifs are Maya hieroglyphics and nature/tourist destination landscapes.

Does your city has such t-shirts?

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  • Buenos dias, Rudy! Alexandria has only one or two styles sold only by the Visitors Center. It’s odd because there are so many tourists here, and as you say people do buy them. What’s even sillier is the shops that sell souvenirs and T-shirts in Alexandria have Washington DC T-shirts but no Alexandria T-shirts.

    If I come to Guatamala, I would rather go to the market in Chichicastenango and buy a huipil!

  • I bet all mothers-in-law and wifes in Antiqua don’t apreciate that beer.

  • You bet we do! In fact, finding a T-Shirt here that is not a souvenir and doesn’t have Tenerife across the chest is more of a problem! 🙂

  • Colours are great! Almost as “sweet” as the candies you posted before.