Give me money and I will play a song

blind & handicap

I do not know what this image does to me exactly, but there is a definite puncture. There is a scene in Krysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors: White where the main protagonist, Karol, has lost everything through the process of divorce and he is sitting in the subway playing a very sad Polish song with a comb on his mouth. He is so lost, yet can find something within himself to play a song, a very tragic, mournful and inconsolable song. To me, this scene about fate was enough to never forget the three films Blue, White and Red (links to IMDB); a must-see French film trilogy.

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  • great life document..I love it!

  • Kiewslovski was a great director, I’d met him in person too 😉

  • great photo too!

  • Meg

    Wonderful photo, and a great story.

  • This photo touches me in so many ways! Awesome capture!

  • lea

    recuerdo este hombre.. es lo quien comia pizza todos los dias..

    (gracias por tu mail, espero que tienes el deseo de tocar foto de ellos!)

  • Lucy, Kamen and Cortez