Buy, sell, rent, trade, barter, promote, volunteer and lodging…

Bulletin Boards in Antigua

… All in one place. There are many community bulletin boards around La Antigua Guatemala.

Okay, I will do an experiment. I will do a simple flyer and paste it on all the bulletin boards with the following: A title like Daily Photo Cities Around the World and a list of URLs of all the Daily Photo Cities thus far. Let’s see how many people get unusual visitors; please come back and tell us about it.

Are there community bulletin boards in your city?

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  • how clever!
    we have similar boards here but doubt will see anyone requesting for barter ..

  • We’ve got the same here on our university- they’re just as crowded as the one on your photo. I think, sometimes, there’s a person who takes the old ones off.

  • That looks very interesting. Often in the states, there are community bulletin boards at grocery stores.
    I wish we had one here at the library, I think it would be a great way for people to share information.

  • patsy poor

    no bullent boards in our area.

  • Meg

    University campus, I think. I have seen one in town for the general public, too, but it’s mostly very public stuff, like advertising theatrical and music gigs. Oh, and supermarkets have bulletin boards for buy/sell/swap, jobs, and courses.

    I admire the way you think! I hope some of us get hetherto-unheard-of visitors!!!

  • It looks like bulletin boards are popular in many cities.

  • Lillian

    Stanford University used to have an active community bulletin board in its Student Union, but it’s gone online — people buy, sell, rent, trade, barter, promote, volunteer, etc. electronically now. I’m sure it’s more efficient in many ways, but I miss the colorful paper hodgepodge and handwritten notes!

  • We have such community boards in the supermarkets and in the libraries, but nothing as wild as this!

  • Katherine

    What I was hoping that this was was an online community barter board like Craig’s list, where you could buy or sell things you need or don’t need because you just came here to live for 6 months or you are now leaving after 6 months . . . you get the picture.

    I think this is very needed in Antigua because people set up households for a few months and then move on. It would be a great way to communicate to buy and sell used stuff. Like right now I would like a used bike and a nice used guitar and an amplifier for a keyboard. Does anyone know of such an online barter site for Antigua, or would you like to start one here?

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