Transnational: Oil for the People

PDV Petroleos de Venezuela

PDV stands for Petroleos de Venezuela (Venezuelan Oil). To put the oil resources to the service and well-being of the country; to build a new economic and social model, ending inequalities… reads the introductory paragraph on Oil for the people section at the PDVSA site. SA part of the name stands for Sociedad Anónima, which is the equivalent of Inc. or Ltd. in the English-speaking countries. I am sure not many people will recognize this logotype or the name of this very large transnational corporation. PDVSA has many skins, one of them is Citgo in the land north of the Rí­o Bravo.

Che, the world is achaning! could be Dylan’s words.

Have you heard of or seen PDV or PDVSA in your part of the world? What you think of it?

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  • Michael

    Dear Daily Photo blogger. I’m sorry for the generic message, but I wanted to get this to as many of you as possible.

    I have set up “The Daily Photo Spot” on Fanpop. If you go there, you can enter your specific City Daily Photo blog. Paris, London and Dubai are already there, so it would be great to see all of you DP Bloggers listed.

  • of course we are fimilary with citgo. the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has been in the news here of late.We have a man on TV here named Pat Robertson who has a christian net work, any way he was on tv not long ago and said The U. S. ought to take Hugo Chavez out! which means kill him. all I can say about Robertson is he is crazy. RObertson then said he didn’t say that, then they had him on tape saying it, then he said he didn’t mean it. the man is crazy. I guess this made Hugo angry to say the least, and he has been going around to other countries saying that the U.S. is a bully and wicked. We knew that before Hugo told us.

  • is this photo in Gulemala? look at the corn crop on the hill above the road. great photo.

  • sompopo

    Patsy Poor,
    Do you think all the citizens of the United States are bullys and wicked people or just the current government?

  • the goverment has a mental of ,we are the bosses of the world, and they have gone crazy, i think.we are going to have a different congress and senate after the first of the year. i think the demorcats will get a majority . we will still have BUSH for 2 more years. i expect they will just fight and not really be able to get any laws passed.Which I say is good for, we the people, because when they get on a roll making laws we come up short. The Iraq war is the worst thing we have seen since vietamn, nothing good can happen and someday we will have to leave there too. The average working person is concerned with having a job and feeding their families just like the people in your country.And we do have a lot of people who don’t really think for themselves.i saw a study the other day that said that the leaders in Washington D.C. were taking bribes and only interested in getting more wealth. i have thought about this a lot and here is what I think people who make their living with out manuel labor often become jaded and have no morals. the harder a person has to work for the food and shelter the better that person is. maybe because when he stops work all he can do is rest.but as a rule the people i know who make a living without breaking a sweet are more wicked.or more likly to be selfish. which probably is the worst thing because if you don’t care about anyone except your self, watch out!

  • Haven’t heard of this, but thanks for the info. Love the bus in the background of the pic.

  • I live a few blocks from that gas station. And yes, I know about Hugo and his oil, I know that he’s not selling us more “orimulsion” (the fuel we use to generate electricity here in Guate) making the prices of energy go up and that he is trying to make a subtle oil embargo with Iran against the US.

    What do I think of it? well, I think the company and its chairman suck.

  • I have been doing a google search of citgo. seems that hugo c. is fighting with Bush. Hugo was toopled for 2 days awhile back and he says Bush was behind his trouble. Bush probably was! all these sites were saying how hugo c. owned all of citgo, well guess what our president and vice president has made millions in gas and oil . Did you know that in the 1980’s many of our oil wells in texas and oklahoma were caped off. and still are capped. this was done to bring gas prices up. which it has done.i figure when our gas and oil companys call citgo and hugo names they are as bad or worse.big business runs our country.

  • Rudy, what are your thoughts? Is PDV building a new economic and social model, ending inequalities. If so I will shift my gas purchases to Citgo.

  • Curly

    I can’t help thinking that the bus looks very old and tired 🙂