An old bike for an old town

Old-style bicycle

Bicycles are among the most-widely used vehicles in Antigua. One the reason is that you can move faster with a bike than with an automobile.

Do people use bicycles as transportation or just for leisure in your part of the world?

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  • Rudy, i think bikes are faster in Antigua because they don’t have brakes 😀

  • Sally

    Sydney is a really bike unfriendly city, but there are attempts. I would say most bike riding here would be recreational.

  • The Hispanic males ride bikes when they first come to our area, I never see Hispanic females riding bikes. They either walk or ride in a car.
    As soon as the Hispanics can they buy a car. Our winters are very cold and it is a bad experience to ride a bike in zero weather with the wind blowing around your ears

  • Some folks use them as transportation although most use cars! There are special bicycle lanes and routes to get where your going faster. Albuquerque is very bicycle friendly!

  • Chantal

    if you can find a photo of the bicycles at central station in amsterdam….. i have never seen so many bicycles in one place!!!!

  • is it an old bike? i like the shiny body!

    bikes are main mode of transport as well in the town centre. walking is popular too

  • Nuno: LOL!

  • Helsinki is known for its indestructible cyclists – much as I support non-polluting traffic, they come from nowhere and try to murder you if you’re on foot, or perish beneath you if you’re driving. Also, we have a special bicycle-police unit, very handy for zig-zagging in and out of crowded central streets, getting from a to b faster than by any other means. Only during the non-frozen months, mind…

  • Here in La Ceiba, bikes are a very common form of transportation, along with buses and taxis. In other parts of Honduras, bicycles are less commonly used because of the terrain, hilly and mountainous.

  • Nice bike, and nice picture too.

    Hi Rudy, Thanks again for the email with the newspaper article, and sorry for my english, jaja.

    I´ll come back soon.

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