Trimming the trees

Trimming tree in Antigua

The problem with old trees is that they are too tall; trimming the old branches becomes an ordeal. Here two employees of Hotel Antigua can not reach the branches even though they are using scaffolds. They need the help of a third employee who is on the tree.

Can you spot the third employee on the tree?

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  • Yup, altho he is in shadows, maximizing the photo confirms the spot where he is. I was more taken by the bicyclist riding along the wall. Again, that tells a lot about daily life.

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  • sompopo

    It would be great if they had a bucket truck. It would make the job simple.

  • japanese are good in trimming trees ! In fact its a big business here, gardeners and trimmers. I think they have ways to reach even the tallest of trees.

    have a nice day!

  • Kate: you have a pretty good eye. I can not see him. I know he is there because I took the photo.

    Carol: Welcome to the Daily Photo Family.

    Sompopo: what is a bucket truck?

    Midnitebara: I would like to see Japanese tree trimmers… let us know when you publish a photo of tree trimming.

  • sompopo

    A bucket truck is a large truck with a hydraulic arm that extends out and upward and has a man/woman sized bucket on the end of it. It lifts the worker to the desired height. In some parts of the country they are referred to as “Cherry Pickers” because they use them (or used to) to reach the hights in the cherry tree. 🙂

  • Sompopo: thanks for your reply. I believe these truck is what the electric company uses for wire and pole repairs.

  • sompopo

    Yep, you got it.

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