Knock knock, who’s there?

Metal door and knocker

According to the owner of Juárez Hermanos forged metal shop, this big door (portón in Spanish) is probably the only metal door in Antigua (outside door that is). This is so because only wooden doors are allowed.

Another interesting fact is that the door knocker is very high; you can see it on the upper side of the door painted gold. He said, in colonial times, these door knocker were set high on the doors so you can knock them without getting off your horse. Come back in the next following days to see more things from this forged metal shop.

You can see a previous door knocker posted on this blog by knocking here.

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  • And suppose you aren’t actually riding a horse: how do you reach the knocker then? I suppose it cuts down the number of little trick or treaters that will be bothering residents! 🙂

  • Meg

    Gee, it has a kind of a Chinese colouring, doesn’t it? Do you know why this place was allowed to have metal doors? Did it used to be a bank, or are they allowed just because they can make it? I love what Pamela said about kids not being able to knock!

  • nice door…
    some good shots!…

  • I thought by now you would’ve taken pictures of all the doors in Antigua. You still surprise me. There must be a lot of gorgeous doors there.

  • Edwin: Welcome back! I thought you had dump this site from your web-touring because the quality of the photos is not up to par with your water shots.

    Tr3nta: Thanks for stopping by… I will visit your site soon.

    Meg: He told me that the reason he was allowed is because of the details he bolted on the door and after the paint job the door almost blends-in.

    Pamela: Good point about the trick-a-treaters, although this is a workshop, so I don’t think they give candy away.

  • What a magnificent door. What talent and craftmanship!

  • Beautiful workmanship. I like peeking through the door at the craftsman doing his thing.