Feeling blue

Feeling blue

Yet I am not sad. How about you?

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  • Chapín Ausente

    I just miss my country so much ! thanks for the pics. Every day I make a mandatory stop here to see your posts

  • sompopo

    Four openings from left to right. First opening(Door?)kinda looks like its winking. Second opening(Door/Window)has nothing to say. Third opening(Door/Window)Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fourth opening is a window,I am sure of it. 🙂 Did I mention its blue?
    A veritable mix of emotions.

  • What fiesta is it advertising?

  • I see there is a tin roof. My experience of living in a cement house with a tin roof in Africa tells me that if there is a residence there, along with a business, that it must be very hard for them to sleep if it rains during the night. That gets so noisy!

  • Chapín Ausente: I am glad to be of service. Come back often, daily if you can, that you will find a new picture here everyday, sometimes you will even find a nice caption.

    Sompopo: it is very interesting what an image can evoke.

    Kate: Fiesta is the Spanish word for Party. Fiesta is a shop where you can get all the stuff for Antigüeño party: balloon, piñatas, confetti, cakes, costumes, clowns, et-cetera.

    Marie: The sound of rain on the roof is mesmerizing and sedative for most people. Besides, I believe the roof tiles are actually made from concrete (probably asbestos which is worst). Many houses in Antigua have businesses at front and housing in the back.

  • Javier

    Hey Rudy,

    I’ve been checking your website for about 6 months now, I have to admit, I am hooked…
    As a guatemalan living in Los Angeles, California, I really love the pictures, they remind me of my childhood growing up in la capital. But brings me good memories of my trips I took to Antigua as a Kid. You are right still is a Magical Place.
    As Marie asks, you are right the rain in the roof is a good sedative, kind of like the freeway car noises next to my house here is Los Angeles.