Façade of Belén Church in Antigua Guatemala

Façade of Belén Church in Antigua Guatemala

No MarieMcc, this is not the façade of my house. This façade belongs to the Capilla de Belén (Bethlehem Chapel) located right across the street from the house that belonged to Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt (Saint Brother Peter of Betancourt). More about him and his house tomorrow.

It looks like Daily Photo Family is in a church photos frenzy: first was Nuno, then Zsolt22, followed by Edulabbe. Have you came across other church photos lately?

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  • the churches are beautiful. when was this one built?

  • Curly

    Sunday is a good day to be viewing your pictures of churches, full of detail and decoration. Some nice shots here this week!

  • yes…it seems we were into churches yesterday:)

  • This is such a beautiful church. I will be posting one this week, but for today I’m into wildlife: pelicans!!!

  • Well, I am disappointed that this is not the front of your house, but much more disappointed that yesterday’s photo was not your actual house. 🙂

  • Love the character and details..just divine!

  • Magikthrill: To be honest, I really do not know. I will research it though.

    Curly: Yeah, somehow we relate Sundays with the church.

    Zsolt72: Well, yesterday and today in my case.

    Nathalie: Please, come back and give us the link to your church photo.

    MarieMcc: I am feliz to saber you like these church photos. There are still so many more churches for me to photograph. Stay tuned!

    Krisz: Divine is a good adjective for the subject matter.

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