Still in a blue mood

still blue

Lately blue has come my way. First time it came as blue house with blue doors and a blue sky. Now, it is a blue house again with a blue tuk tuk tourist police unit. I do not know what it is about tuk tuks, but I like them.

Can you guess how many times I have posted images of tuk tuk motorbikes in this photoblog?

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  • Blue painted buildings with white trim – looks crisp and neat and clean. I like it. And the little tuk-tuk – who wouldn’t like to have one of those to use for short distance tasks. I would like it a lot!

  • Annie: yes, the building does look crisp and neat. I too wish for a Tuk Tuk… Christmas is around the corner, you know! 😉

  • My own house is blue, wish a I had my own little blue tuk tuk out the front! How cool.