Pick your color #5

Pick your color #5

Since the pictures for the last two days had way too many colors, I decided to make today’s choice simple. If you look carefully, you can find at least 8 colors. With this simple photo we finish this series.

Tomorrow is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women we will have a photo to help raise awareness. Please, come back tomorrow and let us know your feeling about it.

    The rules of the game are:

  1. You look at the photo,
  2. You pick one single color and
  3. You leave a comment tell us what color you picked and why?

© 2006 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • i like the color of the rain clouds and the door. i have a suprize for you on my site come over and see.

  • It’s black. I seem to be continually fascinated by those black doors. Maybe it’s because they provide such great contrast for the other colors, and because we don’t seem to have as many in the United States.

  • Patsy: I do consider you my friend too.

    Jude: Black doors with white frames inside yellow walls create a very obvious contrast… I don’t think you will find this combination often in the U.S.

  • andrea

    i am guatemalan and caucasian. looking for paint ideas for my bathroom and one bedroom. love the guate colors and must create something similar in my usa home
    can anyone help and tell me where i can see awesone pictures to “steal” ideas? tahnk you