Please, braid my hair

Braid my hair

Selling folk-art is only one of the activities that these two Indigenous girls do. —Don’t move little sister or I might hurt you!— I can hear the older one saying to the little girl.

© 2006 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • I’ll be right over: that’s just what I need, someone to braid my hair into something controllable!

  • Sompopo

    There is nothing like a Guatemalan woman. Of course I am speaking from the experience. 🙂 Oh yea, she braids my hair too.

  • Meg

    This photo enlarged is so fabulous. The embroidered pieces are magnificent.

  • Pamela: Okay, I will get you someone to braid your hair down here, if you promise to bring all those garrafones of wine. 😉

    Sompopo: You should know better. Please, send my greeting to your wife and give your address and I will send you a photo from this site turned into a post card.

    Meg: I posted these series at a larger size for you. If you need them bigger I will email them to you.

  • He he he, dunno how I can smuggle those garafones over with the new liquids on planes restrictions. Travel there by rowing boat, perhaps? 🙂

  • ioanna

    Wonderful colors, great carpets. I really like it.