Ranferi Aguilar, the Rain Maker, at Jamtigua 2006

Ranferí­ Aguilar in Jamtigua 2006

We continue the music journey at Jamtigua International Music Festival with Ranferí­ Aguilar and his Rain Maker show. Hacedor de Lluvia or Rain Maker could be classified as new age music created with pre-hispanic music instruments. I know this short explanation does not really explain Ranferí­ Aguilar’s music, so I decided to present two videos clips that might give you a better idea; look for them below.

Ranferí­ Aguilar must be one of the best musicians that have come out of Guatemala. For starters, he was a founding member of Alux Nahual, Guatemala’s most famous rock band. I talked about them on my entry for July 19th, 2006. Actually, when Alux Nahual broke up, a great band was lost, but several solo projects emerged from these great musicians and Ranferí­ Aguilar was one of them. Here is another shot of Ranferí­ Aguilar at the Jamtigua concert.

If I am not mistaken this is the first time I embed a video clip in this blog. I know this is a Daily Photo site, but I believe the usage of other multimedia is fine so long is supports the subject at hand.

Here is a second video clip of Ranferí­ Aguilar and his Rain Maker concert at Jamtigua 2006 that shows a little bit more of his music.

Please, let me know what you think about including video clips every once in a while?

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  • Sompopo

    Video clips are great. You get a better feel of what is going on like the Jamtigua clip you posted. A picture says alot but being able to hear it allows you to be a part of the atmosphere as well.

  • well this music is not my cup of tea but you probably would n’t like my hill billy music either. but i do appreciate your effort.

  • ale

    well, now we’re talking! I admire Ranferi since Alux and what he’s doing know is just great, patzy the video doesn’t honor the real thing, you may try this link and hear the Mp3 is way better,.

    once again rudy I envy you, I actually bought the CD in a trip to Guate, is’t amazing.
    thanks for sharing

    btw, I talk about his project long time ago, check this out

  • The video is great, the photos are wonderful. The only thing I’d change (if I could) is that I’m here in the dark coldness and not there in the warm sunshine.

  • Rudy I love your photo but I have to say that the video clip adds a whole new dimension when you’re talking music. I did not know Ranferi and I’m really glad I discovered it through you.
    PS – what I like best is the wind in his hair. It tells you that this is an outdoor concert and you can just feel the soft night breeze, the music flowing, wonderful!!!

  • La Morena

    These are really smashing videos, though I’m not a great admirer of this style, anyway I’m interested in folk music and always trace the news. Thanks a lot, good job. Never visited Latino outdoor concerts, I’d like to. Now just listen to records from, some Latino alternative pcs are great!

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