Old Guatemalan Folks

Sunday morning after mass

Here is a slice of a frozen moment and life on a Sunday morning right after mass. This image could illustrate a meeting at the atrium of a town’s church anywhere in America, the continent, but in this case the snapshot was taken in San Miguel Escobar, a village about 3 kilometers from La Antigua Guatemala.

I do not know exactly why I like this image so much. Maybe it is the rhythm or the smiles of the old men. Please, help me discover what it is that moves me in this picture.

Best wishes for this upcoming week. Please, do take it as easy as the folks in this picture. Also, before you go, listen to When I am Sixty-four by The Beatles.

© 2006 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • For me, it is just because they are so real–no one looks in the least as though they’re acting–they’re just being who they are in the moment. Because they *are* real, one can imagine what their lives were like to bring them to this point.

  • You’re right…the photo capture is absolutely timeless!
    Great capture.

  • Jackie

    I think it’s because even though they’re all in a line and some are trying to say with their body language (folded arms, hands in pocket) that they’re not interested in whatever’s going on, they seem so comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company. I like this picture a lot.

  • Meg

    The lady in the green looks serious. I love the men. And the younger man at the left – did he drive some of these oldies to church? He looks kind of out of place.

    Rudy, Ben and I walked into our wedding celebration while “When I’m Sixty Four” played!

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  • Yes this is real Guatemala indian people