WI-FI Around Antigua Guatemala

Wifi at Bagel Barn

La Antigua Guatemala, despite its name (Old Guatemala City) and its architecture, is a modern city with cutting-edge technologies like Wireless Internet Connections (Wi-Fi for short) as I wrote in the Wireless Knife Sharpener entry, back in June 27th. Too bad not many people feel safe to use the free wireless connections that are available throughout that many coffee shops and restaurants around Antigua.

As Guy said in his Blog Diablogico, “In a matter of days I will be in a less protected area where quite natural behaviours, like walking around with an expensive computer, are likely to result in a violent death. I’m sure that the free wireless internet at Pollo Campero is a cunning ruse to get the laptop users out in the open where they can be picked off more easily!”

It would really be nice to be able to eat your bagel while drinking a cup of the best coffee in the world while you check on the latest photos of the Daily Photo Cities wirelessly with a WI-FI connection in your laptop and feel safe about walking out of the sandwich joint, like the Bagel Barn.

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  • Marco

    Unfortunately this is one of the things that discourages many from travelling to such beautiful places as Guatemala. In communities like Antigua, can’t something be done to improve the security and safety of citizens and tourists alike? Crime is only as successful as it is permitted to occur. Of course this takes money and a sense of community.

  • elmonica

    Not sure if it is a FireFox browser issue, but more than half the times I click on a link back your site I get html code without the photos. I saw the picture fine in my Google reader but as soon as I click on one of the links back to another entry I get html code underneath your banner.

  • Thats an old speech. People from around the world will confirm that, the cause of getting your laptop robbed on the streets (around the world) is showing it, walking like you don’t care and… IT IS NOT an isolated issue about Guatemala. It happens everywhere but ignorants ignore it… Right now I have a friend living in Italy… and people over there can’t believe him about the great life we have here (compared to theirs).

  • Jerry

    I have eaten at the Bagel Barn! (This location), and recognized it immediately. I am sure Antigua has it’s share of crime just like everywhere else in the world, and it can be contributed to the low economic situation of the country, but I never really felt threatened at any time I was there in all 3 of my trips. You just need to be heads up and take reasonable precautions, as you would anywhere else in the world. I love your beautiful city and recommend it highly.

  • Marco: There are things being done about crime, but there is still too much to be done. Guatemala is not a safe country.

    Elmonica: I use Firefox 2 and Safari 2 in a PowerMac and I have not noticed anything weird. Please, let me know if you see other weird stuff. Thanks for the writing and let me know, I will try to see the site in a Windows-machine.

    Intj man: I agree with you. You can get your laptop stolen anywhere, but I believe Guatemala is even more unsafe than most places in Europe, the U.S. or Canada.

    Jerry: That is exactly my point. You should take all precautions when you come to Antigua.

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  • María Eskenasy

    Antigua is a lot safer than most assume. I have lived abroad in canada and the USA
    and you can get robbed there too. Now, if you are to bring your laptop and intend to walk late at night after a few drinks…what do you expect!!! The problem with most turists is that they relax and leave things unattended. Keep you eyes on your stuff at all times.

  • I live in Guatemala (Canadian expat) and it´s really not likely that you´re going to meet a violent death simply by taking out your laptop in Pollo Campero. Obviously, you want to take precautions, like not walking through the market with your laptop in the open, but it´s really much safer than most people assume.

    As for something being done about the crime . . . Antigua has it´s own set of tourist police that patrol the streets downtown and they are very helpful to foreigners in trouble. They are also very effective in preventing tourist-related crime, but tend to stick to the most commonly frequented areas, near the park and along the more travelled streets.