Windows Vista in Antigua Guatemala

Windows Vista in Antigua

No, I am not talking about the infamous and long overdue operating system from Redmond, Washington; I am simply showing a vista of a typical window corner in La Antigua Guatemala. In this case, this vista belongs to a window corner at Posada de los Leones (Lions’ Inn). I will bring more photos of the fabulous boutique hotel soon. I posted a similar window on May 4th, 2006.

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  • Meg

    I love geraniums, especially the red ones, but today I saw a very beautiful dark burgandy one at the plant shop – so very attractive! And I want a white one, too! Oh, it’s endless!

  • Judy

    I look forward each day to the photo you send. I travel to Guatemala several times a year, and we have an office/home in San Lucas. I look forward to seeing the wonderful streets of Antigua for weeks before I travel. Finding this site is just what I needed to get my Guatemala fix between visits. I plan to look you up the next time I am down. Thanks for all the wonderful pics. Judy

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • Gorgeous — I love everything about it. The wooden window frames, the decorative iron work, the yellow coloring of the building — the same one you made the wallpaper of? Beautiful.

  • HAd to take one more peek at blogs before I fly to Mexico tomorrow. Glad I did; this photo is marvelous!!

  • Thanks so much for the picture–I long for Antigua and hope to be there soon again. The photo captures the spirit of Antigua–

  • Curly

    There was me thinking this was the local gaol!!

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