Antigua’s Cathedral and Volcán de Agua

Cathedral and Volcán de Agua

This photo is for the benefit of Lessie and others who have commented about the mountains in the background in some of the recent photos. Actually, the mountain is Volcán de Agua or Water Volcano and it can be seen on many of the photos that have south perspective. Volcán de Agua towers 3,760 meters above the sea level to the South of La Antigua Guatemala.

One of these days I will get around to tell you the story behind Volcán de Agua and Volcán de Fuego, which are somehow involved with the genesis of the world. The name of the Water volcano in Maya is Hunapú.

This photo is also dedicated to all the people who are in need of a little sunshine. We are in the middle of winter now, but temperatures are around mid 20°C/70°F. To me, this is the best time of the year in Guatemala.

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Ben

    Great sunny fine day. It’s just like here, Rudy.
    This morning It was about 17C, now? the temp gage in front of me saying 26.9C.
    We do not have much humidity in the summer so it’s not bad.
    From other side of the world…

  • Your photos are gorgeous. I love today’s one with Water Volcano. Antigua like a beautiful place.

  • I love the light hiting the building and the outline of the volcano. How interesting about the names of the mountains/volcanos: fire and water, two polarities. Certainly an interesting story behind that. We will wait expectantly. 🙂

  • Volcán de Agua is so similar in shape and height to Pico del Teide (3,717 m). Now I can fully appreciate the altitude you are at.

  • Wonderful photo, especially the light and the way you can see the clouds trailing in the high winds around the mountain. You can feel the cool air.

  • Jerry

    I wish I was there in the shadows of the volcanos! Here in not so sunny East Texas, we are in the middle of an ice storm. Temp outside is 28 degrees F and icy. Oh I would love to be in the land of Eternal Spring!

  • Carol

    Beautiful photo. My family used to live in Panama (I was a baby). My mother says January was the best time of year.

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  • Ben: Right now, at 22:25 hours it is 15°C and we are in the winter season. It is no wonder many people from up north chose to visit Guatemala in these cold months. I am glad to hear you’re having such a pleasant weather. Let’s hope for better weather for the people in the U.S. and Canada.

    Mandi: You are so kind with your words. You are so welcome to visit Antigua.

    Lessie: I am sure I will get around to posting the story behind these two colossal volcanoes.

    Pamela: Incredible how similar Tenerife and Antigua Guatemala are. Same Saint, same height volcano, same wild poinsettias, same bougainvileas, same slongan, same et-cetera.

    Louz: Long time no see. I am glad to see again. Are you working out the details of your new WP home?

    Jerry: My best wishes for better weather in East Texas.

    Carol: Certainly the best weather for Central America is now.

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