Ice Cream Row

Ice Cream Row

The weather has been fantastic in the recent weeks. Even though, we are in the middle of winter, temperatures have been around 25°C/75°F during the day. When the weather is this nice, people go out to buy ice cream and eat it in the park, on the sidewalk, anywhere so long they sit down and enjoy of the company of other humans beings. No special occasion or celebration is needed.

If you happen to live up-north and you are longing for nicer weather, please, take a short trip to Guatemala, we have the sunshine and warm temperatures you need. Photos like this one really make Guatemala’s slogan sound true and honest: The Land of the Eternal Spring!

Countdown side note: Today’s entry is number 291 so far and we continue with a countdown to post 300th. Please, send the link of this site everyday to your friends and family for a few days and explain to them what we are trying to achieve. I will send the best ten photos (4″x6″) of this site to the person that makes the first comment after the 100,000 visit. See the entry on January 18th for further details.

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  • Jerry

    I love the photos of people, and once again, I wish I was there!Ice cream and people watching in Central park sounds like an awesome idea. The weather here has been horrible for nearly a week and is supposed to continue for another week with rain and ice.

  • Ice cream, lovely! But we get the nice weather too in Australia at the moment!
    My favorite photo in your last series in your yet another yellow wallpaper, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • Hi from Madrid!
    You’re too lucky to join this weather now… Here in Madrid it’s really cold (ok, not colder than last years, but COLD). It’s great you reach 300 post, that’s a lot, I’m too new on this of bloggin, today I post my 31st!

  • Yum, Ice cream. The folks in the photo look like they are watching something, are they? Nice photo!

  • Ice cream is medicinal: it cures what ails you! Love the traditional clothing in the center. If I were there, I’d be wearing that, too!

  • Jerry: I know you love the people category. I will do a series of just people for you. Jerry, stop wishing and take a short trip to Guatemala. I have heard stories of people that flew in from Miami in the morning, had lunch in Antigua, and flew back at night.

    Nathalie: Thanks for stopping by again; you were missed. Of course Australia has nice weather, you are in the summer season over now, right? In Central America, we have grey and cloudy skies with lots of rain in the summer.

    Dsole: You are doing a wonderful job with Madrid DP. It is interesting how each person sees the city differently. Now, take it one day at time you will get to 300 posts in no time, well in 269 days that is. 😉

    Helen: I am doing the ice cream/sunshine series for all you having bad weather up-north. The people having ice cream in the photo are watching other people walking or talking while having ice cream themselves. We are in an ice-cream-eating frenzy.

    Marie: I am sure you will be wearing the traditional corte if you came to Guatemala… Please do come to Guatemala and I will take your picture with the corte.

  • What a great image! Different folks — all enjoying ice cream. Love it.

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