Kitchen at La Fonda de la Calle Real Restaurant

Kitchen at La Fonda de la Calle Real

This is one of the kitchens at La Fonda de la Calle Real, which shows a typical kitchen in the colonial times. As you can see, if you click on the image to enlarge it, that most of the pots and pans were made from ceramic (cooked clay). La Fonda de la Calle Real is one of Antigua’s landmarks with three locations around Calle del Arco. Mr. Bill Clinton and her Royal Highness Infanta Doña Cristina ate here at different times. You can see the entrance of one of the restaurants in the Antigua’s Color Palette: Red as well as more information.

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  • Hi, Rudy, Great shot of this Fonda, in Mexico, this kind of places have the same name. You have an impressive site here! Felicidades.

  • I ate there a lot when I was in Antigua. We used to spend several days in Antigua every year when my in laws were still living in Guatemala City.

    I really miss those visits to Antigua. Great site you have here! I am a daily visitor. I come for the beautiful pictures, the excellent commentary, and because I would really like to go back and visit again. Thanks for the great site!

  • ale

    man, great pic, I very found of the Fonda, lots of good memories around there.
    thanks for sharing

  • Wow. That looks like a cozy table, man, to have dinner at.

  • I just returned from A week in Antigua during which I took two of my teachers to lunch at La Fonda. Thanks for the pic.

  • Carraol: You are doing a wonderful job documenting Mexico City. I visit your site often.

    Random Penseur: Thanks for the compliments. I really wish I had more time to do better captions and photos.

    Ale: Welcome back. I thought we lost you in 2006. 😉

    Luggie: Come on over and we can dine here. Thanks for keeping my memory of LA alive.

    Kenneth: How was the food?

  • Modesto Moreno

    I was there on April 16th, 2008. We enjoyed the food inmensely as the excellent service.
    Our waiter tried to explain how to make your famous hot “salsa verde”,
    Could you be more specific in tell me how to prepare it?.
    I will appreciate it.


  • Modesto Moreno

    Waiting for your answer about the salsa verde.

  • Paul

    My other half and I went to this place due to being recommended as one of the best for local cuisine in Antigua. The place is easy to find and there is plenty of tables so there was no need for reservation. The place was average and the decor nothing extraordinary. My partner ordered the Pollo con Chicha which was bland, greasy, had very little meat as it was mostly a chicken carcass.

    I ordered a dish consisting of beef, chicken, and sausage accompanied by beans and rice. The dish showed up with no chicken, the sausage tasted like grass, and the rice was parboiled. The salsa was delicious but the maid forgot my beer and my water and she never came back so we had to get another one who told us that the original one had left for the day.

    I tried my partner’s food and it tasted like someone had dumped a ton of sugar in it. The quality of the food was poor, the service dismal, and the price not worth what we got. Simply I would not go back. We went to Hector’s the next day and it was phenomenal. Don’t waste your time at this place, it is simply not worth it.