Elements of the Antigüeño life-style

Antigüeño-style Homes

What makes the life-style of Antigua Guatemala so appealing? Well, for starters we point out the great weather. Fountains, gardens with many exotic flowers and plants, bright-colored houses, red Spanish-style roof-tiles, big doorways, forged metal windows, domes, antique lamps (1, 2, 3 & 4), among other things. To top it all, its warm and friendly people. The photograph above encloses many of the ingredients needed for the Antigüeño life-style, or should I say for: a magnificent life-style.

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  • Definitely magnificent! Love the composition of this photo.

  • ioanna

    Hey, congratulations for your 300 wonderful posts!
    I wish you many-many more wonderful, colorful, enjoyable posts!
    I like Antiguas colors very much! Nice photo!

  • That is beautiful.

  • That was a proud Antigüeño talking!!
    Lovely picture with beautiful coloured houses!

  • Lessie: One thing I really like about digital photography is that you can take many shots of the same subject and different angles, perspective and settings and come out with the best shot. Although, I have to admit, it is almost impossible to come out with an ugly photo from Antigua Guatemala: the town is photogenic!

    Ioanna: I wish you the same with Ioanna, your beautiful Greek city!

    Pamela: Nothing you don’t see back in Tenerife.

    Dsole: Actually I am not an Antigüeño. I was not born or raised here. I move into town about 5 years ago. With every photograph, same as you, I learn to appreciate the beauty, history and problems of this tiny Spanish colonial town.

  • I found this page by mistake, and your pictures are great, you are showing Antigua as anybody would like to see it, including the people who lived there, and all the different cultures that you would find in Antigua, and all the pictures are so natural it’s like a natural instict that you have on taking pictures

  • Carlos: Thanks for the compliments. Really I just try to show the city as a resident. Nothing special really. It is hard to take bad photos of Antigua Guatemala since the town is photogenic.

  • I just love brightly coloured houses!

  • Alexandria gonzalez

    my father is from guatemala and i dont know him wish i could have the chance becaus if this is what this place looks like all around it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and would love to go there some day a shout out to my father Carlos Gonzalez i know there is many but dont forget your babies Melinna,Thomas,Alex Gonzalez YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE 722 John Counter Blvd (613)531 3246

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