Cobblestone Street Worker

cobblestone street worker

Cobblestone streets are yet another characteristic of La Antigua Guatemala’s life-style (see photos 1, 2, 3). They are hard on the automobiles, trucks, bicycles and humans. Cobblestone streets require a lot maintenance. In the photo above you can see just one of the workers responsible for the streets’ repairs and if you follow the next link you can look at the whole group.

Today is Friday, take it easy… the weekend is just around the corner.

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  • LOL! I can’t believe we’ve coincided on this theme Rudy. I already had this photo lined up for today, which I took when I was in Buenavista last Sunday. You are right though, cobbles do rattle the bones, but there are worse things, as we found out.

  • Neat photo! His expression is great. I didn’t know cobblestone streets required so much maintenance! It really adds to the “ambience” (?) of a city for a tourist, but must be less quaint for the locals. 🙂

  • dee

    I love how real this photo is.

  • Meg

    But cobblestones are much nicer to look at, don’t you think?

  • Pamela: isn’t funny how tend to coincide with our themes. Well, our cities are twin towns that explains it.

    Lessie: You are right, the cobblestone streets provide the exotic and beauty element from a colonial town, but they are hard on the residents.

    Dee: Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you like this photo.

    Meg: You are so right, they are nice to look at, but very hard to walk on.

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