Name the Seeds!

Seeds handicrafts

Can you name all the seeds in the photograph? I will help you with the one my finger is pointing to: Chile Cobanero. You may need to click on the photo above to zoom into the details. Good luck!

Numerical Sidenote: For many Western cultures the number 13 is bad luck; thus Tuesday 13th, Friday 13th. For the Maya, the number 13 was good luck. Check the 13 Moon Mayan Calendar for more details on the number 13.

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  • Fay

    Oh my gosh, are they really made of seeds? I can’t possibly tell if you didn’t say so!

  • I see corn, pumpkin, maize, peas…and then I’m lost. I hope you will tell us tomorrow. I love this photo.

  • I can’t even begin to name them so will refrain – hA! 🙂 Happy Valentines Day from Quito!


  • Jerry

    These are so cool! Do they serve a purpose other than decorative? They are very interesting. Happy Valentine’s Day from East Texas.

  • Are there beans too? I see sunflower seeds, corn, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils…? Did I come close? One in the background looks like acorn tops.

  • They are so neat! Inspiring. (I’m a crafty girl — mostly in my head though.) The only one I recognize is the one with the sunflower seeds arranged like blossoms. Don’t know what are the center seeds though.

  • Jerry

    Ok, I think I see sunflower seeds, maize, lentils(peas), 2 kinds of beans- white and red, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, possibly cantaloupe seeds, acorns or at least acorn tops, and possibly sunflower kernels. How many did I get?

  • I can’t give a (real) name to none of this… but I love this shot! 😉

  • Actually, you guys did much better than I, three or four seeds I can recognize. Thanks to Jerry for naming many of the seeds.

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