Jacarandas at Antigua’s Central Park

Jacarandas at Central Park

A little over a week ago, Mary Johnston asked if I could publish a photo of Jacarandas. Well, I found some trees in Parque Central, out of all places, and in the process I manage to snap a shot of Central Park which I believe to be quite original. At least I haven’t seen this particular angle and I’ve seen thousands of photos about Antigua’s Parque Central.

By the way, the first time I remember being aware of Jacarandas was in Southern California, Long Beach to be precise, where the Jacaranda trees are very popular. Since then I totally forgot them and did not even thought there were Jacaranda trees around Antigua Guatemala. I thank Mary Johnston for pointing out the trees to me.


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  • Kim

    I love your point of view in this shot of the park fountain. The Jacarandas are lovely. I too remember them from Southern California (Anaheim) and walking to school on sidewalks covered by the purple blooms that got all smashed under foot and gooey.

  • you’ve found the Garden of Eden.
    this is so gorgeous-and your choice to leave the sky out of the composition really creates an intimate portrait.
    Beautifully done!

  • Wow, que increible, de verdad que qué colores tan bonitos se ven.

    Me encanta también el volcán (creo) al fondo y también la fuente y la gente, para que se sepa que este lugar en verdad existe :).


  • The lilac jumps out at you! And I love the fountain and the volcan in the background. Bravo.

  • Gorgeous shot Rudy. Makes me wish spring would get here a little quicker.

  • ale

    My favorite tree, I love the carpet of flowers when they fall.
    thanks rudy.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. We also have jacaranda trees in Tenerife: there are quite a lot in the capital Santa Cruz and some that I particularly notice closer to home, but here they won’t be flowering until between April or June. I look forward to them every year.

  • Hi Rudy…thanks for your comments at HKDP…these trees are beautiful and I think they have another name in Canada…not sure though. 🙂

  • Kim: It looks like this simple lilac flowers and trees made an impression on us.

    Sophie: I did find this picture very pleasant. I like the color and the mellow atmosphere.

    Pacuna: tus fotos no están nada mal tampoco. Por cierto, la montaña en el fondo no es un volcán.

    Lessie: Actually, the mountain in the background is not a volcano.

    Sompopo: If the spring does not go to you, you must go to the spring.

    Ale: Hablando de alfombras de flores, recuerde que ya viene la Semana Santa y hare todo lo posible por traerle las alfombras de flores.

    Pamela: It seems that Jacarandas are very popular in many cities around the world.

    Lisi: Thanks for the visit and your comment. I am glad you found a few seconds to stop by. What is the name they use for the Jacarandas in Canada?

  • Donna

    Hey Rudy-great photo, I was there just the week before this and the trees were not as colorful-thanks very much for adding it to your site.

  • Donna: See, you should’ve stay a little longer.

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