This is where Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC) was founded

Colegio Mayor Sto Tomas de Aquino façade

This humble building is where Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, USAC, was founded as part of Francisco Marroquí­n’s wish and will. The USAC was the third university founded in the American continent, right after Mexico’s and Peru’s universities. It was founded by the name of Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomás, the School of Saint Thomas, on 1562 and it was officially declared a university on January 31st, 1676 by royal command of King Charles II of Spain.

Nowadays, the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala is considered one of the best public universities in Central America. It is the only public university in the country (source Wikipedia).

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  • Hi Rudy – my first time here (likewise). I’m new to CDP and haven’t nearly got round everyone yet. I like your blog – it gives me a real feeling about life in Antigua. Great journalistic style, both photos and text. Like the layout as well

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  • These are beautiful photographs of a wonderful school. I like them.
    720 pixels

  • Richard, I appreciate your words. I strive to capture the feel of life in La Antigua Guatemala.

    Abraham, well they are not good at all, but you get to see this old school. The light was not good at all that day.

  • Summer

    Can anyone provide me an email address to get in touch with the University of San Carlos, specifically their school of communications? I’m in the United States and trying to get information about enrolling there, but I’m not having much luck.
    Thanks for any help!

  • Here is the URL of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala… There you have to look up for “Escuelas” and choose >>> CC. de la Comunicación.
    I always find funny when I write the word URL, particularly when primed by the idea of Guatemalan universities.

  • Manolo: URL. Universidad Rafael Landivar. 😀 I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. Personally, my issue has been when I fill out a form or an application and people ask me “So you went to ICU?” “Not yet, thank you for asking, I did -however- go to UCI.” 😀 Comment about the picture: I wonder if this is where you get to walk in and see what a class looked like back in colonial times, a class environment has been/was staged complete with props and mannequins dressed in colonial fashion. I remember taking a tour near that “classroom” my first time in LAG.

  • France Ortiz

    Can any provide me with with the e-mail address, to get in touch with UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS?
    I want information for enrolling there…