Burger King’s Fountain in Antigua Guatemala

Burger King Fountain in Antigua

Even fast-food restaurants have a nice atmosphere in Antigua Guatemala. Here you can see the fountain inside the Burger King restaurant. Fountains and gardens are among the most popular element of the Antigüeño architecture and I never get tire of photographing them and I am not the only one who likes fountains. As always, you can browse the fountains & gardens category for more photos. If you get the chance to see all the fountains published so far, come back and let us know which is your favorite.

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  • Hello Rudy,
    How have you been? Thanks for alerting me about your ‘absence’ from the DP blogroll. I’ll alert the administrator. It’s now monitored by him. He does all the changes and it automatically updates.

  • Thats awesome. If they had fountains like that in the Burger Kings over here (or any fast food restaurant for that matter) they would vandalized by the end of the day. 🙁

  • Lovely fountain. I’m sure it makes eating there a better experience.

  • Brian Fain

    The McDonalds down the street from the Burger King left me and my family amazed. There is so much class to this town. Everything including fast food restaurants have so many pleasant elements. I’m not a McDonalds fan (or Burger King, for that matter), but I have to admit that the food there was also better than anything one would find in the States.

  • I can’t beleive this is inside Burger King – looks so cool and refreshing. NB ZUrich also has a huge amount of public fountains, all drinking water of course. There’s something about the sound of running water that’s very soothing

  • This is really nice. I love the blue of the water and the lush green of the ferns. (And thanks for the link! 🙂 )

  • My favorite fountain was the one titled “Jacarandas at Antigua’s Central Park” posted on February 22nd.

  • Edwin, thanks for reporting it. So when are we having Thai food again. I like to see more photo of that.

    Sompopo, maybe people need to have more appreciation for the live elements and the running water of a fountain. For sure, it is relaxing to stand or sit by a fountain.

    Mandi, well the atmosphere goes against the desired experience of a fast-food restaurant, which is: order your food fast, eat it even quicker and leave the restaurant as rapidly as humanly possible because we have other people to tend. But, make sure you supersize your order.

    Brian, you know many people say the same thing about many of the foods available here, including, of course, the ice cream.

    Lessie, you’re welcome, but really I should thank you for all your comments and regular visits.

    Denton, I am glad you follow the link. I really enjoy the Jacarandas in the park.

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