Perfect Weather for Retirement

Enjoying the Central Park

One aspect of life in La Antigua Guatemala which drives many people to move here is the temperate weather. Even in the raining season, which lasts between spring and autumn, the temperature stays pretty much on an average 80° F. With the perfect amount of rain, sunshine, shadows, cloudy skies, humidity, wind and cold weather, La Antigua is a preferred destination for many people running away from the harsh weather from up north and an ideal location for those retirees with a pension. Soon I will talk some more about this segment of foreigners who decided to ditch their homelands and moved to this colonial tiny old town with their pension. Stay tune for details about how to move to Guatemala and live well on a pension check.

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  • So idyllic. it’s no wonder it’s the place to retire to. I’m looking for someplace to retire when I’m 50. Australia is a choice but too much paperwork and regulations. Do tell me more about getting into Antigua. I might just decide to hang up sandals there. 🙂

  • It looks very tranquil. A nice place for an afternoon nap, even… 🙂

  • Hmmmm, retirement, now there’s a dream. And what a sweetener to think about living, at least part of the time, in Antigua.

  • stephanie

    Maintaining third world status the basis of The American retirment plan!

  • Jhonny

    Antigua? No first, second or third world,

    That place is out of this world!

  • Sally

    Nice shady spot in a sunny place.

  • Edwin, you can come to Guatemala and live here many years with only your tourist visa, so long you go out of the country every 90 days, which makes for nice trip to Mexico, Belize, The Bay Island in Honduras, Costa Rica and/or even Cuba. I know of people who have done this for over thirty years.

    Kerry-Anne, yes the nap sound appealing, to bad I had to go back to work.

    Annie, well what are you waiting for… get rolling before more people find out about this little retirement heaven.

    Sthephanie, yes that is very true. They even make books about it. I remember in the nineties it was Costa Rica and Mexico.

    Jhonny, I am with you, I dislike the terms first/third world because they try to hide the relationships between the north and south, rich and poor respectively.

    Sally, it sure was nice, especially with an ice cream cone in my hand.

  • I’m really jealous…having to retire in Indiana USA with all it’s changing weather patterns….what a place to be instead….I’ll keep wishing and maybe my wish will come true!