Maize Cane Fence

Entrance Forbidden

Not all the walls in La Antigua Guatemala are made from stones, bricks or pumice blocks, some are actually made from organic recycled materials like the canes from the maize field. I am sure this doorway could not be admitted in MarieMc’s wonderful collection of Doorways Around the World. The fence is not as green or as alive like the hedgerow I showed to you back on September 28th, yet there is still something in the photo that moves me to post it here. Maybe is the spelling error on the sign painted on the door (it should read prohibida), or the doorbell on one of the poles, or the different shades of brown. I really don’t know. Can you help me?

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  • they have a pad lock. i can’t see how that fence would keep anyone out but maybe a man with a gun awaits on the other side. i do like the fence.

  • I love the aqua color behind the white words — the contrast with the brown is great. And I like that “toque” (knock?) is not quite on the blue. Love it. Should be in Doorways Around the World, in mi opinion. 🙂 (Thanks for pointing out the doorbell. — and the spelling mistake. It’s spelled just like it’s pronounced, right? Spanish is so much easier to read and spell than English! But mistakes can happen with every language, I guess.)

  • Patsy, I don’t think there’s a gun on the other side.

    Lessie, the H is silent in Spanish and therefore is an easy mistake to make if you don’t know the spelling of the words with H, like hombre.