Let Me Show You My Guts

Show me your guts

There are still many walls in La Antigua Guatemala made from stones. The lucky owners of such wall choose to show the guts. What would you do if you had a wall made from stones?

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  • It’s a beautiful wall… In Spain little village there are many of them too 🙂

  • I love this shot. If I had a wall like this I would just love it. Oddly enough the doorway reminds me of some of the old above ground crypts they have in New Orleans. The stone wall reminds me of some of the old rock walls that can be found in the older rural areas of Georgia.

    Rudy, I love walking through old cemeteries and reading the hand carved headstones, wondering about the life of the person buried there. Any chance you could post some shots of old cemeteries around Antigua?

  • That’s such a lovely wall, full of character, especially with the flowers growing over the top. It makes me very curious to know what is on the other side…

  • Juanfran

    I just can´t skip any of the daily photos I receive by email, what matters is the time and love you show by publishing them.
    Photoshop of not photoshop it’s art! isn’t it?

  • Dsole, recuerda que La Antigua Guatemala fue en su momento la capital de Centroamérica y Mesoamérica para España. Todo su estilo arquitectónico es español.

    Sompopo, I promise I will do a series on cemeteries around La Antigua Guatemala. We will call this series the ‘City of the Dead’.

    Kerry-Anne, I am curious too, but I rather stay safe and sound. There could be dogs or even weapons on the other side.

    Juanfran, well, I consider art a big word. I simply document life around La Antigua Guatemala. Some photos will happen to be good, but that is not my merit, it is La Antigua’s merit since it is such a photogenic town.

  • sí, eso es cierto… en algo se tenía que notar ¿verdad?
    Pero después de ver el dibujo del mapa te diré que ya podían haber diseñado así el centro de Madrid. No creo que haya una calle recta en el casco antiguo! 😉

  • Awesome, Thanks Rudy. 🙂