Inside the Mobile Library Chicken Bus

Inside a Chicken Bus Mobile Libraries

Some of you have asked to update yesterday’s entry about the Mobile Library Chicken Bus with information on how to help and how to send donations. Come on people, you did not think I was going to left the entry about bibliobuses there, right? I have three more photos to go, one per day, as that is our agreement. I will be posting all this information for you to help and donate to such worthy project.

For starters, here is the text that explains why PROBIGUA support the public libraries (Probigua stands for Libraries Project of Guatemala; Biblioteca is the Spanish term for library). The text on the web site may be a bit outdated, but it should be plenty to explain.

Why we support libraries?
In Guatemala, where 46% of the population cannot read, educational opportunities are severely limited by a lack of access to books and other written material. Most towns and villages do not have libraries; neither do the public schools, which also do not supply any textbooks. Parents, many of whom earn the minimum wage of only $18 per week, simply cannot afford to buy books for their children.

Instructional methods in the public schools are limited to listening to the teacher and copying what is written on the blackboard. Many children simply do not learn to read and drop out of school after a few years. Many of those who do achieve some literacy begin losing it as they grow older. Only 10% attend school past sixth grade. As adults, most of these children are limited to doing manual labor – when they can find it. (source: Probigua to continue reading)

You can visit PROBIGUA’s web site to learn how to get in touch with them and all about their projects as well as how they get their funding and donations. Or you can wait for tomorrow’s picture in which I will give more in-depth information.

Countdown side note: 4 more days to May 1st one-year anniversary. For the year two of Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo, I will cover more non-profit and non-government organization that, in my opinion, are worthy of our help. I will also cover the cemeteries, churches, museums, art galleries, parks, restaurants, hotels, get-away places, local hotspot, et-cetera in series as to be able to give you more in-depth information. Stay tune and come back often!

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  • the library is a great thing. i go to mine once or twice a week. not to be ale to read is such a handicap.
    i like the phot of the ladies washing cloths in the tubs. do they pay for this serverce?
    also would you know if some of the people in your town still grind their corn with a rock bowl?

  • Meg

    The inside is much bigger than I thought!

    Rudy, in your Year Two list, you forgot to add… more textiles.. no?

  • I remember when I was about 9 years old being in Cub Scouts and every Wensday a small bus would come by loaded with books for us to check out just like at the library. The next week when it came by we would turn in the books for others. Man, that was a long time ago. I am surprized I even remember it. 🙂

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  • Choi Gloria

    My name is Gloria, and I work with children in Mexico. Recently we have started a library program with our kids in low-income families! I saw this article that you have and was very interested in the idea of changing the bus into a mobile library. Can you send us more information about how to do this here in Mexico! My email is